Z. Ayca Arkilic

Z. Ayca Arkilic

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Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics; International Relations; Public Policy; Middle East Politics; European Politics; Religion and Politics; Islamic Studies; Race, Ethnicity, and Identity; Immigration; Transnationalism; Globalization; and Democratization

Teaching Experience

I have served as an Instructor at the University of Texas at Austin and as a Lecturer at Huston-Tillotson University for the following courses:

    American Government (Fall 2014)

    Contemporary Politics in the Middle East (Summer 2015)

    The EU and European Government (Fall 2016)

    Islam in Europe (Spring 2017)

I will be serving as a Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington for the following course:

    The New Europe (Trimester 2 2017)

In addition, I have served as a Teaching Assistant for the following courses:

Comparative Immigration Politics (Spring 2014, Spring 2012), Poverty in the U.S. (Fall 2012), Politics of Western Europe (Fall 2011), Introduction to Latin American Politics (Spring 2011), Social Movements (Fall 2010), Politics of New Democracies (Summer 2010), American Government (Spring 2010, Fall 2009)

Student Evaluations

I have received a rating of 5/5 in students’ anonymous reviews for my European Politics class. The original file can be found here.

I have received a rating of 4.7/5 in students’ anonymous reviews for my Contemporary Politics in the Middle East class. The original file can be found here.

I have received a rating of 4.6/5 in students’ anonymous reviews for my American Government class. The original file can be found here.

The quotes below were provided on course evaluation forms:

"Professor Arkilic made the learning material much easier to understand than the text was able to. She made it a class I looked forward to coming to."

"Absolutely loved her! She integrated a variety of things to make such a boring class entertaining. She also incorporated class discussion to allow for participation among peers."

"She was very good at being accepting of everyone's political views. She was also very nice and personable."

"The professor was very clear and knew the subject well. She made class interesting and even funny. She even reached out to me personally because I am shy and helped me participate in class more."

"Amazing class and really influential professor. She incorporated videos to back up the information and I really felt like I left the class with a good basis on the Middle East politics."

"Great professor! Used very interesting course materials to convey main ideas of topics and helped give multiple perspectives on controversial issues. Well organized and always available for help."

"This was a great class. I really enjoyed it and learned so much in just a month. It is by far my favorite class that I have taken at UT."

"Great professor! I learned a lot and she really cares about her students' progress in class."

"She was a great teacher and was helpful. Passionate about her job and was quick to respond to emails."

"The instructor was effective in communicating ideas and information. She was also very approachable and available for office hours. Overall, very good. I would take another class with her again."

"She was very good at working with her students and showed that she really cares for her kids."

"She was kind and knowledgeable in the topic. I really enjoyed her teaching style and the way she engages the students in discussion. I would definitely recommend her for any class she teaches in the future!"

"Excellent professor! Very helpful and sweet."

"I liked your teaching style and the class was very easy to understand."

"Really enjoyed the class, found it very eye-opening especially considering recent events in the Middle East. Enjoyed the debate portion of the class and found the individual case studies of specific countries to be very helpful."

"Loved this class! I wouldn't change it!"